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Premium Wall Fired Burner Components / Replacement Parts

Flame Regulators • Flame Stabilizers • Burner Barrel Tubes • Flame Regulator Tube Protection

SAS Global Wall Fired Coal Burner Components and Replacement Parts are fabricated from Premium Wear Resistant Materials to provide a long service life.

SAS Global fabricates new flame regulators and rod protection sleeves.

SAS Global Flame Stabilizers

SAS Global custom fabricates flame stabilizers to meet your specific requirements.

SAS Global Wall Fired Burner Barrels

SAS Global manufactures custom burner barrel tubes for wall fired burners to meet specific customer needs. These SAS Wall Fired Burner Tubes are fabricated using one, or a combination of SAS Premium Wear Resistant Materials. SureAlloy® Premium Carbide Overlay Plate is resistant to heat excursions and will not suffer cracking/tile loss which can occur with ceramic lined burner barrel tubes.

Some material options include: