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SAS Global Patented Two Piece Coal Fired Burner Nozzle

Never have another nozzle fail from sigma phase or thermal distortion again.

The SAS Global patented design features an outer and inner housing, which contain the splitter plates, that are not attached to each other. This crucial aspect of our design allows both components to expand and contract independently. Mathematical calculations allow for a tapered fit that permits the inner housing to slide into the outer housing. Locking tabs secure the inner housing and prevent any forward movement.

Many different material options are avalible for both the outer housing and replacable tip. The standard material options are shown in the diagram to the right. SAS engineers can work with you to determine which material will work best for your application.

SAS Global also fabricates custom burner barrels from SureAlloy® Premium Carbide Overlay Plate. These premium materials offer a long service life and weld repairablity.

Burner Nozzle Wear Comparison