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SAS Global Patented Pre-Riffle Diffuser: Fuel Balance Through Your Riffles

Improve Pipe-to-Pipe Fuel Balance Through Your Riffles • Improve Combustion • Reduce Emissions

The SAS Patented Pre-Riffle Diffuser is installed in a vertical section of the fuel piping just below the riffle housing. The SAS Pre-Riffle Diffuser breaks up the coal ribboning and creates a homogeneous mixture of fuel and air. This allows for an even distribution of fuel and air between the (2) pipes.

“Riffle Elements do not break up coal ropes, which cause an unbalanced flow of heavy and lean fuel areas throughout the system”

Mill 1K and 2K are identical mills with identical piping configurations. Mill 1K does not have SAS Patented Pre-Riffle Diffusers installed, while Mill 2K does. The charts to the right show a dramatic improvement in the fuel pipe balance thru the riffles.