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Premium Wear Resistant Chute Liner Systems

Engineered for Maximum Service Life, Improved Flow, and Eliminate Material Hang-Up

SAS Global Engineers our wear resistant chute liner systems to provide optimum flow while reducing / eliminating material hang-up. Each custom liner system is designed around your specifications and requirements.

SAS can provide various attachment methods:

  • Plug Weld
  • Bolted
  • Studs
  • SAS QWA (Quick Wedge Attachment) System

SAS Global has been developing wear resistant solutions for over 60 years. This allows SAS to offer the very best in materials to provide the longest possible service life.

Some of the Premium SAS Global material options available:

Transfer Chute
Transfer Chute
Transfer Chute
Transfer Chute
Cast Loaf Wear Liner
Quick Wedge Attachment Liner
RapidFlow Smooth Surface Finish Carbide Overlay Plate Liner