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CE RB Coal Mill Modernization Components and Services

Increase Throughput • Balance Fuel Pipes • Increase Fineness • Reduce Emissions

The SAS Mill Modernization program can include available patented SAS modernization technology, rebuild / installation and then fine tuning of the mill. The first phase of this program should include a complete Mill inspection and accurate coal pipe testing which will establish baseline data. The information gained will include coal pipe balance, coal fineness, air/coal ratios, as well as the condition of the grinding components, mill throat, classifier, springs, and other components.

This information is then provided to the Power Plant in a comprehensive report and is used as a tool to determine which modifications are required to meet their specific target or performance goals. Before any Mill modifications take place it is very important to have discussions with all the appropriate plant personnel to develop a systematic plan of how to achieve realistic and attainable goals.

CE RB Mill Modernization Diagram

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