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The SAS Global Corporation Field Service program compliments the products we engineer and manufacture. The trend in many industries has been to supplement their own reduced labor force with outside contractors. The SAS Field Service Group allows customers to source an entire turnkey project thru SAS Global. By assigning the responsibility of the installation to SAS, our customers can be assured the same quality used in manufacturing our products will also be used during installation. By eliminating the communication gap between contractor and manufacturer, our customers will find their projects are easier to control and are installed correctly and on time. SAS has assembled a well equipped and dependable team.
SAS Global Corporation: Installation Services
Your Complete Turnkey Solution
Benefits of Utilizing SAS Field Services:
    •    Our field supervision has years of hands on plant experience. Their areas of                         
         experience include; pulverizers, fans, fuel & material handling equipment, mining     
         equipment, and much more.

    •    Extensive and experienced work force.

    •    Can provide personnel on a just in time basis in case of a forced outage or an                 
         emergency shutdown.

    •    It is a continuing policy of SAS Global to provide safe working conditions, in the plant 
         or on a job site.