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SAS Premium Abrasion Resistant Pipe
SAS Global Mining
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SureAlloy Premium Carbide Overlay Materials
Vanguard Premium Alloy Wear Plate
SAS Global fabricates all of our piping from Premium SAS Wear Resistant Materials ensuring only the highest quality, longest lasting piping is produced.

SAS Global is capable of producing everything from single straight pipes & elbows, to large complete fuel piping systems, as well as complex piping configurations and liners. SAS can also produce single seam piping from our SureAlloy line of Premium Weld Overlay Products.

Some of the Premium SAS Global material options available:
	•	SA2000 Premium Complex Carbide Overlay Plate
	•	SA1750CR Premium Chromium Carbide Overlay Plate
	•	Vanguard Alloy Wear Plate (460/540 HB) Through Hardened
	•	SA400 Alloy Wear Plate (360/440 HB) Through Hardened
Premium Abrasion Resistant Piping
SAS Global Mining Innovative Solutions: Piping Systems
Engineered for improved performance and service life.